Application Process

Application Process

To apply for any of the electrical apprenticeship programs, you must first complete an application form. This can be done on Thursdays from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. Your application will be evaluated to determine whether or not you meet the following basic requirements:

  •  Be a minimum of 18 years of age at time of selection and indenture—some areas have a minimum application age of 17.
  • Show evidence of successful completion of one full year of high school algebra with a passing grade, or one post high school algebra course with a passing grade.
  • Be at least a high school graduate, or have a GED, or in lieu of a high school diploma or GED, have a two-year Associate Degree or higher.
  • Provide an official transcript for high school and post high school education and training. If applicable, GED records must be submitted.

The algebra and high school graduation requirements can be waived if you have been working in the electrical construction industry and meet specific work hour requirements (must be documentation).

If you meet the basic requirements, you will be scheduled to take the NJATC apprenticeship test battery. The test battery consists of two (2) tests.

There are three ways to enter into the apprenticeship:

  1. Application process described above.
  2. Organize in with your current contractor.
  3. Be part of an organizing campaign where at least 50% of the employees working for the contractor sign authorization cards.


All applications are done in person! Come down to 414 West Pikes Peak Ave to apply in person.

Applications are accepted on Thursdays between 9AM and 3PM

  1. Bring a copy of a transcript showing you’ve taken Algebra level math or higher
  2. Bring a copy of your HS diploma or proof of GED
  3. Birth certificate or Passport
  4. Driver’s License
  5. Social Security Card
  6. If prior military – DD 214
  7. Come on down to the school located at 414 West Pikes Peak Ave on any THURSDAY – 9AM to 3PM